Monday, 26 September 2011

Taylor Swift...

Now, I used to hate Taylor Swift's music with a passion. But, I have to say, recently, she has been played on my Ipod more times than I care to admit. I think she's one of those artists that you've got to be able to relate to before you fully 'get' her music. Its weird. I think every girl goes through the three stages of Taylor Swift, which are as follows:

Age 7-12(ish) - We love her music. Just because, to us, country music is quite 'cool'. 
Age 13-15(ish) - We hate her music. Its too pop/mainstream, and obviously, we're trying to be cool.
Age 16+(ish) - We love her music. Once you listen to the lyrics, you realise that she is basically singing about everything you're going through. Its creepy when you find a song that describes exactly what you're thinking. Even creepier when you find a whole album. 

Its fairly safe to say that I'm the only Taylor Swift fan within my immediate friend circle. We'll leave my boyfriend out of this, his Ipod is a bit of an 'anomaly' after all. Which guy has Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne and JLS on their Ipod?! He told me the other day that Miley Cyrus was quite good. And he laughs at me for having eight albums of GLEE on mine?!

In other news, I finally found his blog the other day! Literally, the most I'm smiled at a piece of writing ever (which is saying something, as I have read Harry Potter). But now, he's gone and changed the url. I WILL FIND IT! 

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