Friday, 27 May 2011

Harry Potter Vs. twilight. Let battle commence....

So today instead of revising, I re-read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. It wasn't as bad as I remember it.... In fact I rather enjoyed it.... No, I haven't gone mad. And NO, I haven't betrayed Harry Potter (which I still prefer by miles, and miles, and more miles and maybe a couple more metres....) but, I don't see why their fans can't get on. I'm going to write four lists, Pro's and Con's of each series and then say which I prefer. Just realised I've already told you that, so theres no real reason to keep reading, but please do.... OH, and if your one of the few people who haven't read the books, or seen the films, then beware, spoilers ahead...

Pro's of Twilight
  1. Sparkly vampires. Enough said really. They're vampires, who sparkle. If thats not positive, I don't know what is.
  2. Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson in the films. Nothing really to do with the books, but the films would be terrible if it weren't for the occasional fit guy shirtless scene. 
  3. The books almost make you want to be a vampire. They aren't the vile, horrible human blood-sucking things usually thought of. Stephanie Meyer has made the Cullens seem pretty much perfect; they're beautiful, they're rich (Alice's foreseeing talent working its best), they're strong, the list goes on and on, and on.... This makes the 'humans' in the book seem fragile and weak, so we feel like the only way to survive is to become a Vampire (which it true in some ways. Edward doesn't agree...).
  4. The book is written from Bella's point of view. This means that it sounds like Edward and Jacob and Mike and Tyler and Eric are all in love with us. Not complaining at all.
Con's of Twilight
  1. Its written from Bella's point of view. This means we have to put up with the constant complaints about the weather, how Edward hates her, how Edward loves her too much, pretty much everything. I pretty much hate Bella. She makes the stupidest decisions, all she does is complains, and goes on about how bad her life is. So annoying.
  2. Theres some very questionable spellings and grammar.....Is "handsomer" a word? (page 52, third last paragraph). "We walked back the way we'd come?" Come? Shouldn't that have been 'came'? (End of chapter four) 
  3. The story lines a bit predictable - I knew that Edward was a vampire before I'd even picked up the book.
  4. Nothing really happens. Its hard to explain, but many of the chapters seem to be dedicated to the weather...
  5. It would look weird if anyone other than a teenage girl were reading this. I can't imagine many middle-aged men enjoying them. Though, there is that one scene in Breaking Dawn....."why am I covered in feathers?"....
Now, I can talk for hours and hours about Harry Potter, so I'm going to try and keep this short...

Pro's of Harry Potter
  1. The storyline is unpredictable and changes with every book. Deathly Hallows in particular has loads of twists and turns. 
  2. The books show that no one is all good, or all evil and that people have both of these sides. This makes the characters much more three dimensional, unlike Twilight where characters tend to be only good, or only evil. 
  3. It fits in with the 'muggle' world. The contrasts between the Dursley's house and the Weasley's, for example, are believable. If you know what I mean. 
  4. J.K.Rowling's writing style. She deliberately didn't use metaphors or similes. Writing genius? Yes, I think so...
  5. The films are amazing. That is all.
  6. Has way more fans. According to facebook, the official Harry Potter page has 12,524,445 'likes' while Twilight only has 9,673,347 'likes'. Harry Potter has a musical dedicated to it, which is AMAZING.
Con's of Harry Potter
  1. J.K.Rowling made me wait years for the next book. By the time I discovered Twilight, the books were all out in paperback. Though, this is no fault of her own...
  2. They can get a little tedious when there are long spells of nothing happening. (I just got excited because I used the word 'spells' when talking about Harry Potter....) Admittedly, this doesn't happen often, but for example, half of the seventh book is like this - but, then again, its followed by the best ending I think I've ever read.
  3. I'm struggling to think of any more....
So, if we add together the totals (number of Pro's minus the number of Con's), Twilight scores a grand total of -1, while Harry Potter scores a grand total of +4. Meaning that HARRY POTTER WINS.  Yey! So if for some bizarre reason you haven't read either of these series, read Harry Potter. Or, you could read Twilight first, then read Harry Potter immediately after, it'll make you appreciate the correct spellings more...

Monday, 23 May 2011


So today I'm going to write about a subject that is largely over done on the internet. Boys. Hmmph. I'm not doing this by choice. After a serious case of writers block (or pure laziness - you decide), I went to my friends to think of a suitable topic. Boys won our vote unanimously. Yet again, I know nothing about this subject other than what I have learnt through my own experience with these 'creatures', so don't take anything I say to seriously. Okay?

 So, why? Why do they exist? Is is solely just to make our lives as girls as complicated as possible?! Though its not the most practical explanation, I think so. And so do most of my friends at this moment. We each have our own 'crush' and we all relish the thought that boys have managed to ensnare us. We hate them for it. We hate the thought that some guy can come along and break down every single barrier that we put up to protect ourselves from them, just by saying, "hey". What makes it worse is the fact that the guy obviously has no clue, no mater how plain we make it, that we like them! So we are faced with a choice, wait for the guy to realise his feelings for us, or face our fears, and tell him. And face the fact that they have the power to make our day, or ruin it completely. 

Take the guy that I like for instance. He's an utter dick. I'm not just saying that, he actually is. He has a girlfriend, but insists on flirting with me everytime we see each other. And because I like him so much, I can't help but flirt back. I'm probably breaking some unsaid moral code for girls. But, he now has the ability to alter my moods in accordance with how many hugs I get off him a day:

Zero hugs - I spend the rest of the day feeling depressed, not talking to anyone, in a serious case of shock, thinking I've done something to make him mad (seriously).
1-3 hugs- I spend the rest of the day crying on my friends shoulders about how he doesn't like me.
4-6 hugs- I have a really lovely day. Really.
7-9 hugs- I manage to convince myself that maybe I have the slightest chance with him, even if he does have a girlfriend.

So this is what my life has resorted to. Thanks to boys, I'm spending my Sunday evening analysing how many hugs I get, whether they mean anything and how they make me feel. I haven't even mentioned the fact that he draws hearts on my arms, feels my legs up or hits me on the arse with rulers....Thanks for that.

I'm not the only one either. One of my friends crushes saw us at school the other day. He gave us both hugs, but hers was definitely longer. We spent the next hour, with our other friend, discussing whether this meant anything. Then theres the whole argument of 'Hugs don't mean anything, so get over yourselves and stop over analysing everything'. No thanks! I will keep hold of every little thing that gives the slightest clue whether he likes me or not! And if that means including him holding on slightly too long after a hug, then so be it...

Then again, this could lead to us turning into the over obsessive stalkers, who start off analysing hugs, but end up following and staring at their 'crushes' excessively. And nobody likes an over-obsessive, clingy, needy, desperate girl. Especially boys, which is slightly ironic, don't you think? 

Social networking site such as Facebook have made it so much easier to become those 'stalker-like' girls. We now have to ability to browse through their pictures, see who they've been meeting up with, the list is endless. I once knew a girl who made a list of everywhere her crush went (according to Facebook), and frequently went to them, just incase he re-visited. When she did eventually 'bump' into him, she got such a shock that she just about managed to stutter a 'hello' before making her excuses and stumbling outside, running to get away from him. 

We also have the use of inbox and chat tools on these sites as well. These bring up their own sets of problems. Which is more intimate: Chat or Inbox? Personally, I've always thought inbox, because then you could look through everything he's said (right back to stalker-ish behaviour). But now, Facebook has merged the two together! I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. It means that I can re-read EVERYTHING, but it also means that he can too, which isn't necessarily good, with the amount of stupid things I say. With inbox, theres also the whole, he's online, so why hasn't he replied to the message I sent 13 minutes ago, "I knew I shouldn't have messaged him! Its been 13 minutes, he obviously hates me! I'm going to die alone with 472 cats!" Yes,this is really what runs through our heads when guys don't respond quickly. This usually leads to three hour convosations with our friends, trying to reassure each other that our crushes don't hate us, and that they're probably just busy or the little red number didn't pop up. 

So, guys, next time you see a girl staring at you, or keeping tally charts on the number of hugs you give her, please, please don't just ignore her. If your not interested - stop messing her around, give her a bit of space. If you are interested -  ask her out? Unless you dating someone else, then don't be a dick, because trust me your not doing her any favours. What. So. Ever...

Friday, 20 May 2011

Exams, really?

At the moment, I'm in the middle of a rather large block of exams. Joy to the world. And as you can probably guess, seeing as I'm blogging at the moment, I'm not the most studious of all people. My friends on the other hand, are probably the three most studious people you'll ever meet (if they're reading this, sorry in advance ;) ). So today, I'm going to compare the 'proper' way to revise, A.K.A my friends way, to my methods of 'revision'. By the way, if my friends are by any small chance reading this, its not based on just one of you, as it may look at first, but all three of you, who all have covered for my stupidity at some point.....

So a day of revision in my life goes something along the lines of.... - Wake up with the TV still on from last nights late Q.I. or Glee marathon . Stumble downstairs, hair all over the place, yesterdays make up smudged down my face,and collapse on the sofa.
1.p.m - Woken up by concerned neighbour tapping at the window, thinking I've passed out in a drunken fit of despair. Go to front door, still in pyjamas, hair in a worse state than it was before and spend half an hour assuring her that I haven't took up underage drinking. - After a late 'breakfast' of most probably SuperNoodles (food of gods!) or a full packet of chocolate chip cookies, resume post in the living room and settle down to some serious revision.
2.01 p.m - Realise you need notes if your going to do revision. Spend the next 10 minutes moving books from my room to downstairs, falling over pens, getting various paper cuts and deciding on a suitable 'revision playlist'.
2.11 p.m - Convince myself that I've done enough revision to deserve a break. Play on JustDance for about half an hour before collapsing on sofa with a stitch, only getting up when the nosy neighbour returns to the window.
2.45 p.m - Receive a text from concerned friend, reminding me that I need to be in school for organised revision session in half an hour. Crap. So I'd sort of forgotten about that......
2.46 p.m - Rush upstairs. Quick shower, slap on some make-up, straighten hair and somehow manage to resemble a suitably dressed human being.
3.10 p.m - Brisk walk/ pleasurable jog, to school, in mini skirt (yes, really) and in the rain.
3.15 p.m - Arrive at school right on time, slightly red faced, minus all revision notes (all still strewn across the living room) and stroll casually into english room, looking my usual nerdy self. Spend the next hour being picked on by my english teacher, but luckily friend is there to cover my stupidity.

Now, a day of revision in one of my friends lives...
6.a.m - Wakes up ahead of alarm after early night. Gets up immediately, gets ready, goes downstairs where notes are already set out. Starts work immediately.
11.a.m - Heads into school early, to meet up with other friends who are just as keen at revising.
1.a.m - Quick five minute break while changing subjects.
3.p.m - Calm working atmosphere disrupted by Amy stumbling in. Takes five minute break, then covers for Amy while she has a little nap in English lesson.

Personally, I don't see why my friends get better grades than me...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

So yeah....heeyyy.

Hey. So yeah. Welcome to my blog, home to all things me. Already struggling what to write. IDEA. So you probably want to know who I am, right? 16 Facts about me, starting NOW.

1. I'm a girl, so I'll probably end up annoying you by taking senselessly about fashion and make up? Yeah, I probably will... :3

2. I've just finished a rather large amount of exams, probably failed most of them for that matter.

3. My one true love is - Chocolate. To be honest, its a bit of an obsession. 

4. I've just changed my mind over what I want to be. Pharmacology at uni to Journalist. They're basically opposites, I know, but I'll probably change my mind by next week again.

5. I LOVE Harry Potter. I'm probably more obsessed with it than I am with chocolate. I challenge anyone to quiz me on any aspect of either the books or movies and I WILL WIN. I've read the books about 50-ish times each, and have watched the movies about quadruple that. 

6. I'm a bit of an organisational freak :3 My room is probably the messiest you will ever find, but once you look past the overall clutter, you realise that my books and DVD's are in alphabetical order, as well as genre classified and ordered in series. My wardrobe is colour coordinated. Enough said.

7. Fitting into the Harry Potter obsession, I love AVPM and AVPS. The annoying thing is that most people who read this will probably have no idea what I'm going on about. Similarly, if I were to mention Pigfarts, Redvines or Rumbleroar, the same people would think that I have gone completely insane. They're probably right. Two words : Darren Criss. Nom, nom....

8. My other obsession is Glee. Which is great because Darren Criss is in this also! This is sort of my guilty pleasure. Not many people know that I like it and I pretty much fancy all the guys on it. Just realised that this makes me sound like a complete and utter geek/Gleek, who has no life and sits at their computer all day. Though that may be not far from the truth....

9. I have actual real-life friends, believe it or not! Quite a few in fact. I have four 'best friends' who I tell everything. Literally EVERYTHING. 

10. My dream is to go and live my life as Carrie Bradshaw. I can literally hear all of you clicking off of my page now, but give me a chance! I'm obsessed with New York, and seeing as I want to be a Journalist/ writer person, it sort of fits.....AND I'm obsessed with fashion. And Vogue. And Sex and The City, for that matter.

11. My lucky number is 7. I was going to put this as number 7, but I forgot, so number 11 will do. Coincidentally, number 11 is my second-est lucky number- ish. Nothing lucky has happened on the 11th or anything to do with 11, but I quite like the number :) Now I sound like a geek. "I like numbers....." Sheesh...

12. I actually do like numbers. Maths is one of my favourite subjects. Shocking, I know. To reassure you that I'm not mad, I better mention that I also love English and Art. And now you think I'm a nerd AND a geek. I'm great at making first impressions aren't I? 

13. You can't really sum me up without mentioning shopping. I will buy anything and everything along as it comes from Topshop. This has led to some fairly hilarious purchases (If you have ever seen some of the things Topshop sells, you will know what I'm talking about...). At the moment, I have a bit of an obsession with buying nail varnishes. I've stopped biting my nails after about 14 years of furious nibbling, and I'm very keen to show off the results. The only thing is I've replaced biting my nails with pulling the nail varnish off them. I don't know which is worse, but the nail varnish one is definitely more expensive! Now I'm rambling on about shopping, the very thing I promised myself I wouldn't do...

14. I love writing. It has got to the stage where I was quite looking forward to my English Exam today because there was a question on 'Writing to describe'. Sad, I know. I love writing about anything, and will usually just open a word document and make stuff up as I go along. The only problem is, I'm not very good at it. I use 'writer's block' as an excuse, but really, I'm often to lazy to come up with ideas of my own. 

15. I'm going to Paris with my friends later this year!! If anything, I'm most excited about going to Disney. I have the awful suspicion that I'm going to revert back to a five year old and end up dressing up in a tiara and running around with an autograph book looking for the characters. In fact, no, its not just a suspicion, I know that I will do this, for a fact. 

16. I am petrified of Lifts. Actually, its all claustrophobic spaces, but in particular, lifts. They scare the hell out of me! Especially those glass ones where you can see out! While mentioning Paris, last time I went, I got half way up the Eiffel Tower, queued for 2 hours before deciding that I couldn't step in the lift. I thought my mum was going to kill me. The funny thing is, I know exactly why I'm scared of lifts, and its a very amusing story. When I was little, about the age of 10, I used to watch a cartoon called 'Totally Spies". Looking back it was a pretty rubbish american kids program, but I used to love it. In one episode, these three spies get trapped in a lift and can't get out. I remember thinking while watching this, "OMG, if they can't get out, then how the hell will I if I ever get trapped?!" So thats how a kids program made me claustrophobic....

So thats 16 facts about me. It started off as 20, but then I realised that I'm not a particularly interesting person and that I was probably boring you with my extremely nerd-like qualities. To be honest, if anyone is still reading this, why? You must have less of a life than I do, and thats saying something...