Friday, 10 August 2012

Wreck This journal 2

So I while ago I posted about my 'Wreck This Journal' and promised that I would do weekly updates. Well, this is awkward. How about one big update on it to make up? Yes. So heres lots of photos of the pages I've done so far. I've still got about 50 to do! I think I'm going to get 'Mess' by Kerri Smith next. These books are really therapeutic actually. Quite addictive!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey...

So, I'm not sure about how its going around the rest of the world, but in the UK there is a new phenomenon. All around the country, woman are salivating profoundly over their paperback copies of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. In the name of research and science, I decided to read these books and see what all the fuss was about...

I'm quite lucky, in the fact that I own a kindle. Otherwise buying these books might have been a slightly embarrassing experience. I don't think you could find one person who doesn't know what these books are about - sex. A LOT of sex. Owning a kindle meant that I didn't have to walk into my local bookstore and pick it up off the shelf, or else I might not have gone through with buying them. The paperback cover is an image of a knotted tie, with NO colour. I think this is an attempt to look mysterious. I can imagine E.L.James sat in her office thinking "Fifty Shades of Grey, what colour should the cover be...? I'VE GOT IT! GREY." I'm presuming that there are also more than fifty shades on the cover. Well played, James, well played. The cover is basically how I would envisage the cover of a 'dirty' novel. Its nothing out of the ordinary.

I still blush when I see people reading this in public. Its the fastest selling paperback EVER, so its no surprise that so many people are reading in on the train to work and such. But I shall tell you my problem with this book. I bought it on my kindle and read it in secret. I'm not being funny, but somehow I didn't think my parents would approve of a book about the insides out of bondage and kinky stuff. Last week, guess who had bought the book? My mum. So I now have to cope with the knowledge of my mum reading what I have. She'll sit reading it in the living room, and I can only guess what bit she's up to. Its disturbing. The fastest I've ever seen her read a book! She also said that I could borrow it after her if I wanted. No. I don't want my mum knowing that I know about kinky weird stuff like that! I won't even start on the fact that my Nanna is also reading it! 

Th storyline itself isn't actually that bad, regardless of what official book reviewers are saying. I wouldn't go as far as saying that its the next award winning piece of modern literature, but its not that bad. I would best describe it as in the same league as something that you'd read on holiday. You know those easy-reading chick flicks that aren't too strenuous or tiring and you don't have to really concentrate on what everyones saying? The sort of books with ludicrous plot lines that would never happen in a million years? Its like a not so friendly version of one of them. 

Basically its the story of an english literature graduate, Anastasia Steele, and how she meets the amazingly seductive, beautiful, sexy, mega-rich Christian Grey. And the basically for two and three-quater books its the debate over whether what they have is just 'kinky-fuckery' (quoted from the book) or love. I won't go into much more on the actual plot because some of you may have the desire to read it. But, honestly, its not as bad as it sounds. If you ignored the sex element, these books are genuinely something that I would read anyway. In my opinion, if the sex was glazed over like in other books, they would be just as good.

I found myself getting ridiculously consumed into this book. There were times reading this series that I wanted to throw my kindle across the room; and times when I was so happy, then almost in tears the next minute! The last half of Fifty Shades Freed had me go through a whole variety of emotions. There was a point where I was reading until about four in the morning, then had to stop because I was genuinely almost in tears. I refused to pick up the book for a few days after that! I never cry at books. The last time I cried at a book was the first time I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It seems strange that this book is one that I would get so emotionally attached to!

So overall, I read these books with an open mind, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't recommend them for everyone, but if you're at a loose end and are looking to read something a little bit different, then give them ago.

One more post tonight I think, bye!

Random catch up...

So guys, I know its been a long time. I'm sorry. But I'm having a revolution and I'm going to start blogging a lot again! If I don't, I promise that you're all allowed to murder me in the most unique way you deem fit. Personally, I wouldn't recommend rusty spoons.

Whats been going on in my life, I here you ask. Well, my lovely readers, not an awful lot! I've got lots of little things that I want to talk about, but no big, huge topic to do an entire topic on, so to speak, so I'm sorry if this post seems really disjointed.

Firstly, I have finally decided what I want to do with my life. Phew. You know how I picked maths, biology, chemistry and psychology for my A Levels? Screw them. When I chose my subjects i had a huge debate over which subjects to take, and basically ended up taking similar ones to my friends, in pure panic. I've decided that I'm going to redo a year at sixth form and study English Literature, English Language and Economics. Then hopefully I can do journalism at university! Its weird, for the past year, I've HATED school, and the prospect of doing subjects that I'm good at has just boosted my spirits. I can't wait to read and it to actually count towards something! So, thats that!

You know the weird food phobia thing that I have? Thats gone. Yea, I think I've programmed it out of me. I got sick of people asking me out for meals and having to say no! Dates are much easier now! So thats making me much more happy!

I've been reading. You know how EVERYONE is going on about a certain trilogy of books? Yes, Fifty Shades of Grey. Well, I had to see what the fuss was about. I think I'm going to write a review of it sometime soon, (maybe tonight) and I'll post that up here, for you all to enjoy. 

I'm going to stop blogging about boys as much on here. I've figured that I can use this blog asa way to show that i'm interested in writing to universities, so writing about my love life won't exactly be ideal! If it weren't for my rule about not deleting posts, some of the older ones would have gone a long time ago! Its nice to see how much my writing has improved though, at least thats something!

Well, I'm going to do one or two more posts tonight, then hopefully another one later this week or next. I also need to write my personal statement for enrolment day at my school, joy of joys. So for the next hour or so, bye!