Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Just a little post...

So, just another little post today. I'm very happy. Today, at the age of 16 (pathetic, I know!), I had my first kiss. Just thought I should let you know, seeing as I tell you basically everything else going on in my love life. So, yeah, one very happy Amy :D

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A huge update in the world of boys...

Hello world of bloggers, readers and those who seem to stumble across this blog with no intention of reading it! Now, as you probably know, I like to blog about boys a lot, and, today, something monumental happened. I, the chief singleton of Singleville, have a boyfriend. And, you lot have never heard of him before.......But, lets do all of this in chronological order, and I have you tell you all about GN2...

So, I told GN2 that I liked him the other day. By text. I know, right? I so wanted to do it in person! Anyway, he took it well, but said no and was genuinely nice about it. Its confusing when boys are nice, isn't it? So anyway thats him out of the picture.

So, back to present time and today! Well, I've been talking to this guy who is going to my sixth form for the past few weeks and we decided to meet up. I should say that you shouldn't meet up with strangers from the internet, just getting my responsible adult part in there. And anyway, me and this guy have literally everything in common. Literally everything! He's a Potter-nerd, he has almost identical taste in music, he likes the same types of movies as me, we both love sushi, the list could go on, and on, and on... So anyway, we met up today. And, well, we're going out now. One very happy Amy over here!

Sorry for the short post, but yea, byeeeeeeeeeee.....

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Results Day...

So, today is results day. I have to say, I'm rather pleased! I got all the grades I wanted (apart from Drama), so here they are: 

Art - A*
English Language - A
English Literature - A
Maths - B
History - B
Drama - C 
Business Studies - B
Core Science - A
Additional Science - A

So this means that I can go on and do Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A Level! I'm not sure why I'm happy about this, it can only mean more work after all... I said in my last post that I would probably start slagging off the examiners, and I have to say, most of them seem to have been fairly generous...

APART FROM DRAMA. For those who don't take drama, the exam involves performing in a group, in front of an audience and the examiner, while being filmed. So we actually got to meet the woman who decided our fate. She seemed nice at the time, but, apparently no one in my school got above a C for their performance! Shocking! Especially when its such a high-demanding exam, and many of us spent literally months preparing! Sheesh...

Anyway, in other news, GN2 decided to text me. The day after I posted my last post. Basically, we had a hour and a half long argument over who was winning the poking war, which then developed into who was more sexy. This lead to him saying, in a way, that I was sexy. The exact text was, "Look, I know you are, but the problem is, I am more! x" I don't know whether to be happy about this or not. I mean, obviously I'm happy about it, but really do I want to be called sexy? 

So, he came and gave me two hugs today. I bottled out of telling him. He was nervous for opening his results and I thought it would be harsh for me to suddenly go, "WAIT. Screw your results! I need to tell you something!" So anyway, he doesn't know. BUT, he might now be going to my school, which means that I might see him tomorrow, and I might see him next year! That is if he gets the results, I'm now regretting flirting with him in Science all this year. I'm torn between texting him now and asking if he's got the grades to get into sixth form, but I don't want to seem clingy. Anyway, we'll see tomorrow. And, theres no rush to tell him now. As long as he doesn't change his mobile number, then I can still talk to him. 

Happy Days...

Monday, 22 August 2011


So, another update on the boy side of things today.

When I went to the 'Land of Harry Potter', the other week, I gave GN2 (the guy I like) my number via Facebook. My thinking behind this was that in Scotland, there is very little, if any signal, therefore I wouldn't be able to get on the internet to talk to him. Of course, I was wrong, and there was actually reasonably good signal in the Land of Scots, as long as you stayed close to civilisation (go figure, huh?). For me this was bad. I could see that he was online, therefore know that he would have seen the message, but now, three weeks later, he has not text me. Urgh. To make matters worse, he STILL pokes me on Facebook. He's not even trying to hide the fact that he's seen the message! So everytime I maybe start to get over him and think that he's forgotten about me, so I can forget about him, he 'pokes' me. In my head, this is him saying, "Yeah, I saw your number, but no. I'm just going to string you along for a bit and let you think that maybe I might be thinking about you." It hurts. Bad. 

A friend an I worked out the other day that I've liked him for at least 8 months. Now, if theres one thing I should point out about myself its that it may seem that I like a lot of guys, but I don't. I tend to like a guy for maybe a couple of weeks, then see a fault in him and move on (Bad because among my friends, I think I have the reputation as a bit of a 'slut'. They're joking though. At least, I think they are...). This time I haven't. 8 months! And I know that he has faults (a hell of a lot, actually) but for the first time I'm not blind towards them, but I'm willing to accept them. And this scares me a hell of a lot. 

I saw a Facebook group the other day, it was worded something like, "Scientific research has shown that a crush only lasts for 6 months, after that, its love." Well, at least the feeling is mutual! LOL. (HEAVY sarcasm)...

So anyway, I've figured that I should probably tell him how I feel. Awkwardness... In theory though, I only have to see him one more time in the entirety my life. So I've got nothing to loose, right? Wrong. All of his friends, including his maybe-current girlfriend are going to my school next year. If he tells them, my life for the next two years is over. Literally. I'll probably be murdered in the middle of the night, or at worst, bitch-slapped in front of everyone. 

So now I'm faced with a dilemma. Do I tell him, meaning that I'll be hated by most people in my school, but have the tinniest chance that I might end up with him, or do I not, and  just try and get over him? I don't even know what to think any more. 

So that my friends is why I'm confused. 

As a little side note, its results day this Thursday. *Starts to shake and throw up with nerves* So expect a post about how much I hate the people who marked my exams soon...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Very Starkid Post...

So, earlier today, I said that I would do another post of Team Starkid. Whilst browsing the interweb, I came across a set of questions that you can ask any Starkid fan. It seemed quite fitting. Its in the style of the 30 day challenge things you see on Facebook, but I was bored, so I decided to answer them all. So, here they are, along with my answers...
P.S Answers may include spoilers, so if you want to know what happens before, then here are the links to the start of each of the shows...
A Very Potter Musical:
A Very Potter Sequel
Little White Lie:
1. Favourite Starkid production?
A hard one, I love them all! I was going to say A Very Potter Sequel (AVPS), but then I remembered Starship...Its a tie between them.
2. Favourite male Starkid?
Four way tie between Joe Walker, Brian Holden, Joey Richter and Darren Criss. Please don't make me choose between them!
3. Favourite female Starkid?
Lauren Lopez. My favourite Draco Malfoy. Ever. 
4. Favourite AVPM/AVPS character?
Either Ron or Draco. They both make me laugh a ridiculous amount! 
5. Favourite Starkid song?
Granger Danger! "WHAT?! What the hell is this!?" 
6. Favourite Joe (includes Joey)?
A VERY hard one. I love Joe Walker, but then, I love Joe Moses. I have to say though, I love Joey Richter the most.
7. Dumbledore or Rumbleroar?
RUMBLEROAR! He lives on Mars, and is Headmaster of Pigfarts. Mind, you must be careful not to wake up his slumbering cubs. 
8. What did you think of Little White Lie (LWL)? 
Hmm, well, technically its not a Team Starkid Production. Its my least favourite out of all of them, but I still liked it! Duder's theme music is the best though!
9. Brian Holden. Care to comment?
LUPIN CAN SING! You only need to watch Starship to see that. I think I died when he sang, "Kick it up a notch (reprise)". Youtube it. Or the links on one of my older posts I think...
10. Funniest AVPM character? 
You know who I think is the funniest character in AVPM? That Draco Malfoy! You know what I'd give him on a scale of 1 to 10? With 1, well 1 would be the least funny and 10 would be the funniest. I would give him... an 8... An 8.5. Not, not over a 9.8, because there is always room for improvement. Not everyone's perfect, like me. That's why I'm holding out for a ten. Because I'm worth it! Anyone who hasn't seen AVPM should be confused...
11. Favourite Snape Line?
"Thats absurd!"
12. What are your thoughts on Redvines?
What the hell can't they do?! Much better than Twizzlers.
13. Favourite line in Me and My Dick (MaMD)?
Joey: "Oh my God! My heart is so talented!"
14. AVPM or AVPS?
I love them both! AVPS wins though, just because of Draco's butterfly kisses...
15. Favourite Starkid quote EVER?
You're making me pick?! Fine, I'll cheat and make a list!
"What would headmaster Zefron say at a time like this? We're all in this together!" - DUMBLEDORE, AVPM
"Damn that G.L.E.E always making twisted abominations of everything!" *winks at Darren* - Up, Starship
"I can’t go to Pigfarts. It’s on Mars. You need a rocket ship. Do you have a rocket ship, Potter? I bet you do. You know, not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died. Look at this! Look at this! It’s Rocketship Potter! Starkid Potter! Moonshoes Potter! Traversing the galaxy for intergalactic travels to Pigfarts!" - Draco, AVPM
"Cedric, you are so annoying, okay? You’re like this guy that’s just around all the time when I don’t need a guy around. You’re this spare guy all the time, this spare dude. You’re such a spare!" - Harry, AVPM
"Take this you bastard: Alohomora!" - Ron, AVPS

16. Favourite character pairing?
Draco and Luna. They were actually perfect for each other. Luna had the extra diapers and everything.
17. Scarfie or Sortie?
Both! They make a cute couple, don't you think? 
18. Favourite Harry moment?
The Cho Chang version of Ginny's song. Especially the bit where her shouts, "THATS IN CANADA!"
19. Which of Ron's snacks is your favourite?
The giant Hershey's bar! Or Redvines! Living in the U.K., I haven't had the chance to try these yet though! 
20. Quirrelmort or Dumbridge?
I love Quirrel and Voldemort together because they are just blatantly opposites, and 'Different as can be' makes me laugh so much! On the other hand, Dumbledore and Umbridge is just genius! So, I'll say Dumbridge.
21. Did you get Umbridge's text?
Yes. She's been clogging up my inbox with over 900 texts for the past hour! Then Snape went and told her where I was...If she doesn't burst through my door and start singing 'Stutter' soon, I will be disappointed. 
22. Best dance number?
Definitely 'Stutter'. Its the shimmy-thing Joe Walker does half way through, gets me everytime... I'm laughing now, just thinking about it.
23. Favourite Ron moment?
"This is horrible. No, its not that. Its Hermione. Its just like I can't get her out of my head, and everytime I look at her I have these pains in my chest and I just know its her fault - that bitch! Me? I am never going to be happy again. So I'm just gonna go curl up in my sock drawer and sleep for days." Bless, I love Ron!
24. Favourite Hermione moment?
"Actually I have heard those things, Harry, about a thousand times, but never have they been told to me with so much sass. Drop the attitude, Harry Potter. You are acting like Garfield on a Monday." Then, Harry/Darren's face after. Priceless.

25. Any quotes you use in everyday life?
You need only look on my Facebook profile to see how obsessed my friend and I are. We have full convosations using quotes. If I find my self talking about Harry Potter to anyone (which is definitely an everyday occurrence!) I'll casually slip in some quotes and see if they get them. Usually they don't, but think I've gone a bit weird when I start asking what the hell a Hufflepuff is, then start calling it Jigglypuff.
26. Favourite Amy Mann song?
Red Vines.
27. Favourite vines other than green?
Red Vines.
28. Favourite way to say 'red wines' in a german accent?
Red Vines.
29. OMG! Where have you been all my life!?
In a cupboard, under some stairs!
30. If you could ask any member of Team Starkid a question, what would it be?
I would ask all/any of them if 'A Very Potter Threequel' is ever going to happen. If they said yes, I would probably die from happiness. 

So hopefully thats given you a little bit more of an insight of what the Team Starkid productions are like. Who am I kidding? You're all probably more confused than ever. So, yeah, watch them. Byeeee...

Monday, 15 August 2011

My Undeniable Love for Team Starkid...

So, in my last post, I mentioned 'Team Starkid' quite a lot. I thought that I should probably tell you a bit about them, considering that I sounded slightly obsessed. This may be a long post...
So, who are and what is Team Starkid?
Team Starkid are a drama group, currently based in Chicago. They started off in Michigan, where in 2009 they wrote and performed 'A Very Potter Musical'. Within days of posting the show to Youtube, it was an international hit, getting views from all over the world. As I'm writing this 'A Very Potter Musical Act 1, Part 1' has 6,471,799 views. They now have five shows posted on youtube; A Very Potter Musical (AVPM), A Very Potter Sequel (AVPS), Me and My Dick (MaMD), Little White Lie (LWL) and Starship. This is where I could go into a long, long post about who Team Starkid actually are, but it might take a while as there are about 30 cast members, and as interesting as I find them, you might get a little bit bored of me going, "I love him! He makes me laugh so much! Oh, she's hilarious!" So to cut things short...
Heres their official website, which will probably tell you more about them than I ever could:
And, heres the Team Starkid Wikipedia page:
Also here are the links to the start of each of their shows on Youtube. EVERYONE should watch these! 
A Very Potter Musical:
A Very Potter Sequel:
Little White Lie:

So that is basically who Team Starkid are! I'll probably do another post about them by the end of the week because I don't feel as if I've done them justice in this post. Seriously, everyone should watch their shows! I think A Very Potter Sequel was the hardest I've laughed at anything! 

So, yeah, I'm off to watch Starship for the fourth time this week. Byeeee....

Sunday, 14 August 2011

10 Boys I Can't Stop Staring at...

The title explains it all really. They're in reverse order...
Numero 10- For the last hour I've been trying to think of a number 10. Its hard. I keep thinking of people, but then thinking that I don't actually stare at them that much, which defeats the purpose, but is right because they would only be number 10 (if that makes any sense?). Anyway, I've decided to throw in a bit of a curve ball and say Dylan Saunders. I don't actually stare at him, at all really, but over the past month I've discovered that he is one of the best singers in Team Starkid. So technically, by watching the Team Starkid videos, I have been staring at him... Anyway, here he is, singing while dressed as a giant alien/bug/lobster-thing... (Joey Richter and Brian Holden are also in the video!)

Numero 9-
 Taylor Lautner. 9 is an awkward number isn't it? Its like having to choose your second least favourite, favourite guy. If we're taking the title of this post literally, at least, he has to be on here. You see, Taylor Lautner is on my bedroom wall. Twice. It would be impossible for me to not stare at him, unless I got rid of the posters. I might do that actually...

Numero 8-
 Chord Overstreet. Surprisingly, the only Glee cast member on the list so far! Even though he has Beiber-ish hair, and 'slightly' large lips, he's still rather nice looking, don't you think?

Numero 7- Tom Felton. For a while, I wasn't sure if he'd make it onto this list, but there was an opening, and someone moved up in the list (If he hadn't have worn the sunglasses, Brian would have been about here!). My second favourite Draco Malfoy (a certain Lauren Lopez would have been on my list, but she's a girl). 

Numero 6- Charlie McDonnell. I keep forgetting about him! He would have been further up on the list, but he hasn't been vlogging as much lately, so I haven't had a chance to stare at him in a while. But, his new haircut is making up for that.

Numero 5- Joe Walker. Possibly my favourite Starkid for comedy value. He's the Starkid who isn't afraid to make a fool of himself. He's dressed up as Voldemort. He got a manicure and wore a pink mini-dress for the role of Dolores Umbridge. He's also rather fit when dressed normally. I mean, just look at his eyes! And, just to show you what I mean about the dress...

Numero 4- Rupert Grint. My second favourite Ron Weasley! Like most of the stars of the Harry Potter movies, he started of a bit of a geek. Things have improved since then though! (We'll just banish Goblet of Fire from our minds - The one where everyone forgot to get haircuts.)

Darren, Joey and Brian!
Numero 3- Brian Holden. Another Starkid, sorry! He's the Starkid who stole Darren's pink sunglasses. And wore them better than Darren. A very hard thing to do. He's also the Starkid who proved those Hogwarts kids wrong! (Lupin can't sing? Anyone?!) Now, I'm torn between showing you the song that made everyone see his awesomeness or to just put a photo, so heres both! 

Numero 2- Darren Criss. Now how could I possibly not mention Harry freakin' Potter?! He's the Starkid with who used to have the amazing hair, then cut it off when he became mainstream. He's still gorgeous though. 

Numero 1- Joey Richter. In all of his wonky-jaw-awesomeness! Seriously love this guy. He's the Starkid that always makes me laugh. Just realised I have never done a Team Starkid post! That is now on my to-do list! He's my favourite Ron Weasley, and thats saying something!

So there are 10 boys that I can't stop staring at. I'm slightly amazed that half of them are Starkids. Mind, with the amount of times I've watched their videos, its a wonder I have time to do anything other than stare at them. I now know the words to A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel and Starship off by heart. I promise to do a post about Team Starkid soon!

Sunday, 7 August 2011


So I've finally decided to join most of the modern world and join Twitter. Meh. 
Its a lot 'harder' than I thought it would be to get into... I mean, it took me about 2 hours to think of a username (the downfall of having the most common name in the universe), then another hour to pick a background for my profile, and I still can't think what to write in my bio! The fact that at the side of the screen it also says, "0 tweets, 0 followers, 0 following and 0 listed" is a little bit depressing. So I am calling on you, the wonderful experts of the internet, to please inform me of the basics of the what is apparently amazing world of Twitter. How the hell do I get started?! Muchos thanks.

P.S.  "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus" Thank you J.K.Rowling, for that lovely bit of wisdom...

Monday, 1 August 2011

Welcome to Hogwarts...

As you may or may not know, this week, I'm in the birth place of Harry Potter. Well, truthfully, that would only be true if I were in Edinburgh, sitting in 'The Elephant Cafe', but I'm in Scotland which is close enough!

Well, today, while holidaying in the land of Scots, something amazing happened. I received my Hogwarts acceptance letter. Really. Well, email. For the past two days, I've been panicking, desperately trying to get onto Pottermore. I don't have my laptop with me, so my 'Crapberry' (bless its heart) has been taking a beating from me refreshing the browser on it. Another problem I faced was that Scotland has the WORSE signal known to mankind! So all you people complaining about having to stay up until two in the morning, waiting for the clue, imagine doing that on a 'Blackberry', which doesn't work, and even when it does, you lose signal due to your geographical position.

Anyway, I succeeded, and I'm now one of the lucky 1 million people to have gained early access to Pottermore! Yes!

Now, the other part of my Harry Potter related story. After the Pottermore excitement this morning, we went to visit a castle. Don't ask me which one, I can't remember its muggle name, but I am absolutely convinced that it was Hogwarts. Baring in mind that I'm actually in Scotland, this amazed me! I have several reasons why I believe this.

Firstly, we saw a bat. In the middle of the day. I'm convinced that it was Severus Snape. Seriously.

Secondly, we saw a Darren Criss lookalike. For those who don't know, Darren Criss plays Harry Potter in ' A Very Potter Musical'. Anyone else seeing the similarities yet?

Thirdly, there was a tabby cat. Prof Mcgonnagal, anyone?!

And, finally, the sheer location of this place! It was built into a hillside, had a huge lake (the black lake?!), a huge, and I mean HUGE, forest to the side of it and beside it, there was a small village with one of the only train stations for miles. The black lake, the forbidden forest, Hogsmede, the Hogwarts Express?!

Anyway, this is why I'm starting to quite like Scotland, which shall now be known in my mind as 'The land of Harry Potter'. Beat that Universal Studios...

By the way, apologies for all spelling, grammar and layout mistakes in this post. As mentioned, I'm on my Blackberry, so can't do anything about it until I post it. I'll fix any mistakes when I get back...
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