Monday, 15 August 2011

My Undeniable Love for Team Starkid...

So, in my last post, I mentioned 'Team Starkid' quite a lot. I thought that I should probably tell you a bit about them, considering that I sounded slightly obsessed. This may be a long post...
So, who are and what is Team Starkid?
Team Starkid are a drama group, currently based in Chicago. They started off in Michigan, where in 2009 they wrote and performed 'A Very Potter Musical'. Within days of posting the show to Youtube, it was an international hit, getting views from all over the world. As I'm writing this 'A Very Potter Musical Act 1, Part 1' has 6,471,799 views. They now have five shows posted on youtube; A Very Potter Musical (AVPM), A Very Potter Sequel (AVPS), Me and My Dick (MaMD), Little White Lie (LWL) and Starship. This is where I could go into a long, long post about who Team Starkid actually are, but it might take a while as there are about 30 cast members, and as interesting as I find them, you might get a little bit bored of me going, "I love him! He makes me laugh so much! Oh, she's hilarious!" So to cut things short...
Heres their official website, which will probably tell you more about them than I ever could:
And, heres the Team Starkid Wikipedia page:
Also here are the links to the start of each of their shows on Youtube. EVERYONE should watch these! 
A Very Potter Musical:
A Very Potter Sequel:
Little White Lie:

So that is basically who Team Starkid are! I'll probably do another post about them by the end of the week because I don't feel as if I've done them justice in this post. Seriously, everyone should watch their shows! I think A Very Potter Sequel was the hardest I've laughed at anything! 

So, yeah, I'm off to watch Starship for the fourth time this week. Byeeee....


  1. I'd never heard of this group in my life before but.. wow!:D haha that's all i can say.
    I can't believe I've missed half my life without watching this. Awesome! Love it:)

  2. Yey! I've been trying to get people to watch the shows for over a year now, and I think your the first one who might have payed any attention to me! *Virtual high five*

  3. Haha wow I would have thought people would have loved this! I do:P

    *high five back*:D