Thursday, 25 August 2011

Results Day...

So, today is results day. I have to say, I'm rather pleased! I got all the grades I wanted (apart from Drama), so here they are: 

Art - A*
English Language - A
English Literature - A
Maths - B
History - B
Drama - C 
Business Studies - B
Core Science - A
Additional Science - A

So this means that I can go on and do Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A Level! I'm not sure why I'm happy about this, it can only mean more work after all... I said in my last post that I would probably start slagging off the examiners, and I have to say, most of them seem to have been fairly generous...

APART FROM DRAMA. For those who don't take drama, the exam involves performing in a group, in front of an audience and the examiner, while being filmed. So we actually got to meet the woman who decided our fate. She seemed nice at the time, but, apparently no one in my school got above a C for their performance! Shocking! Especially when its such a high-demanding exam, and many of us spent literally months preparing! Sheesh...

Anyway, in other news, GN2 decided to text me. The day after I posted my last post. Basically, we had a hour and a half long argument over who was winning the poking war, which then developed into who was more sexy. This lead to him saying, in a way, that I was sexy. The exact text was, "Look, I know you are, but the problem is, I am more! x" I don't know whether to be happy about this or not. I mean, obviously I'm happy about it, but really do I want to be called sexy? 

So, he came and gave me two hugs today. I bottled out of telling him. He was nervous for opening his results and I thought it would be harsh for me to suddenly go, "WAIT. Screw your results! I need to tell you something!" So anyway, he doesn't know. BUT, he might now be going to my school, which means that I might see him tomorrow, and I might see him next year! That is if he gets the results, I'm now regretting flirting with him in Science all this year. I'm torn between texting him now and asking if he's got the grades to get into sixth form, but I don't want to seem clingy. Anyway, we'll see tomorrow. And, theres no rush to tell him now. As long as he doesn't change his mobile number, then I can still talk to him. 

Happy Days...


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  2. I deleted the comment above bc of spellin' mistakes! lol! wat i wntd 2 say was,
    thnx fr the comment, nvr mind my grades yours r great! A's and a A*, wow! It's hard leavin' friends behind :(
    iv been readin' ur blog, it's really interestin' :D