Monday, 22 August 2011


So, another update on the boy side of things today.

When I went to the 'Land of Harry Potter', the other week, I gave GN2 (the guy I like) my number via Facebook. My thinking behind this was that in Scotland, there is very little, if any signal, therefore I wouldn't be able to get on the internet to talk to him. Of course, I was wrong, and there was actually reasonably good signal in the Land of Scots, as long as you stayed close to civilisation (go figure, huh?). For me this was bad. I could see that he was online, therefore know that he would have seen the message, but now, three weeks later, he has not text me. Urgh. To make matters worse, he STILL pokes me on Facebook. He's not even trying to hide the fact that he's seen the message! So everytime I maybe start to get over him and think that he's forgotten about me, so I can forget about him, he 'pokes' me. In my head, this is him saying, "Yeah, I saw your number, but no. I'm just going to string you along for a bit and let you think that maybe I might be thinking about you." It hurts. Bad. 

A friend an I worked out the other day that I've liked him for at least 8 months. Now, if theres one thing I should point out about myself its that it may seem that I like a lot of guys, but I don't. I tend to like a guy for maybe a couple of weeks, then see a fault in him and move on (Bad because among my friends, I think I have the reputation as a bit of a 'slut'. They're joking though. At least, I think they are...). This time I haven't. 8 months! And I know that he has faults (a hell of a lot, actually) but for the first time I'm not blind towards them, but I'm willing to accept them. And this scares me a hell of a lot. 

I saw a Facebook group the other day, it was worded something like, "Scientific research has shown that a crush only lasts for 6 months, after that, its love." Well, at least the feeling is mutual! LOL. (HEAVY sarcasm)...

So anyway, I've figured that I should probably tell him how I feel. Awkwardness... In theory though, I only have to see him one more time in the entirety my life. So I've got nothing to loose, right? Wrong. All of his friends, including his maybe-current girlfriend are going to my school next year. If he tells them, my life for the next two years is over. Literally. I'll probably be murdered in the middle of the night, or at worst, bitch-slapped in front of everyone. 

So now I'm faced with a dilemma. Do I tell him, meaning that I'll be hated by most people in my school, but have the tinniest chance that I might end up with him, or do I not, and  just try and get over him? I don't even know what to think any more. 

So that my friends is why I'm confused. 

As a little side note, its results day this Thursday. *Starts to shake and throw up with nerves* So expect a post about how much I hate the people who marked my exams soon...


  1. wow, i can relate 2 tht, iv lked a guy fr 5 years! bt its alrite, it's nt luv. :D
    PS: i like ur blog, keep it up!
    PSS: im ur frst comment-er.. :D

  2. Haha, thanks for the comment! :D
    Nice to know someones going through the same stuff as I am!
    And, what a very nice first commenter you are :D

  3. U followed me back, thanks! :)