Sunday, 14 August 2011

10 Boys I Can't Stop Staring at...

The title explains it all really. They're in reverse order...
Numero 10- For the last hour I've been trying to think of a number 10. Its hard. I keep thinking of people, but then thinking that I don't actually stare at them that much, which defeats the purpose, but is right because they would only be number 10 (if that makes any sense?). Anyway, I've decided to throw in a bit of a curve ball and say Dylan Saunders. I don't actually stare at him, at all really, but over the past month I've discovered that he is one of the best singers in Team Starkid. So technically, by watching the Team Starkid videos, I have been staring at him... Anyway, here he is, singing while dressed as a giant alien/bug/lobster-thing... (Joey Richter and Brian Holden are also in the video!)

Numero 9-
 Taylor Lautner. 9 is an awkward number isn't it? Its like having to choose your second least favourite, favourite guy. If we're taking the title of this post literally, at least, he has to be on here. You see, Taylor Lautner is on my bedroom wall. Twice. It would be impossible for me to not stare at him, unless I got rid of the posters. I might do that actually...

Numero 8-
 Chord Overstreet. Surprisingly, the only Glee cast member on the list so far! Even though he has Beiber-ish hair, and 'slightly' large lips, he's still rather nice looking, don't you think?

Numero 7- Tom Felton. For a while, I wasn't sure if he'd make it onto this list, but there was an opening, and someone moved up in the list (If he hadn't have worn the sunglasses, Brian would have been about here!). My second favourite Draco Malfoy (a certain Lauren Lopez would have been on my list, but she's a girl). 

Numero 6- Charlie McDonnell. I keep forgetting about him! He would have been further up on the list, but he hasn't been vlogging as much lately, so I haven't had a chance to stare at him in a while. But, his new haircut is making up for that.

Numero 5- Joe Walker. Possibly my favourite Starkid for comedy value. He's the Starkid who isn't afraid to make a fool of himself. He's dressed up as Voldemort. He got a manicure and wore a pink mini-dress for the role of Dolores Umbridge. He's also rather fit when dressed normally. I mean, just look at his eyes! And, just to show you what I mean about the dress...

Numero 4- Rupert Grint. My second favourite Ron Weasley! Like most of the stars of the Harry Potter movies, he started of a bit of a geek. Things have improved since then though! (We'll just banish Goblet of Fire from our minds - The one where everyone forgot to get haircuts.)

Darren, Joey and Brian!
Numero 3- Brian Holden. Another Starkid, sorry! He's the Starkid who stole Darren's pink sunglasses. And wore them better than Darren. A very hard thing to do. He's also the Starkid who proved those Hogwarts kids wrong! (Lupin can't sing? Anyone?!) Now, I'm torn between showing you the song that made everyone see his awesomeness or to just put a photo, so heres both! 

Numero 2- Darren Criss. Now how could I possibly not mention Harry freakin' Potter?! He's the Starkid with who used to have the amazing hair, then cut it off when he became mainstream. He's still gorgeous though. 

Numero 1- Joey Richter. In all of his wonky-jaw-awesomeness! Seriously love this guy. He's the Starkid that always makes me laugh. Just realised I have never done a Team Starkid post! That is now on my to-do list! He's my favourite Ron Weasley, and thats saying something!

So there are 10 boys that I can't stop staring at. I'm slightly amazed that half of them are Starkids. Mind, with the amount of times I've watched their videos, its a wonder I have time to do anything other than stare at them. I now know the words to A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel and Starship off by heart. I promise to do a post about Team Starkid soon!

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