Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A huge update in the world of boys...

Hello world of bloggers, readers and those who seem to stumble across this blog with no intention of reading it! Now, as you probably know, I like to blog about boys a lot, and, today, something monumental happened. I, the chief singleton of Singleville, have a boyfriend. And, you lot have never heard of him before.......But, lets do all of this in chronological order, and I have you tell you all about GN2...

So, I told GN2 that I liked him the other day. By text. I know, right? I so wanted to do it in person! Anyway, he took it well, but said no and was genuinely nice about it. Its confusing when boys are nice, isn't it? So anyway thats him out of the picture.

So, back to present time and today! Well, I've been talking to this guy who is going to my sixth form for the past few weeks and we decided to meet up. I should say that you shouldn't meet up with strangers from the internet, just getting my responsible adult part in there. And anyway, me and this guy have literally everything in common. Literally everything! He's a Potter-nerd, he has almost identical taste in music, he likes the same types of movies as me, we both love sushi, the list could go on, and on, and on... So anyway, we met up today. And, well, we're going out now. One very happy Amy over here!

Sorry for the short post, but yea, byeeeeeeeeeee.....


  1. Just followed your blog, I love how personal you are with everyone!

  2. Haha, thanks! I just think that if all you lovely people take the time to read all my pointless drivel AND comment, I should probably make the effort to reply back :D I really like your blog by the way!