Wednesday, 18 May 2011

So yeah....heeyyy.

Hey. So yeah. Welcome to my blog, home to all things me. Already struggling what to write. IDEA. So you probably want to know who I am, right? 16 Facts about me, starting NOW.

1. I'm a girl, so I'll probably end up annoying you by taking senselessly about fashion and make up? Yeah, I probably will... :3

2. I've just finished a rather large amount of exams, probably failed most of them for that matter.

3. My one true love is - Chocolate. To be honest, its a bit of an obsession. 

4. I've just changed my mind over what I want to be. Pharmacology at uni to Journalist. They're basically opposites, I know, but I'll probably change my mind by next week again.

5. I LOVE Harry Potter. I'm probably more obsessed with it than I am with chocolate. I challenge anyone to quiz me on any aspect of either the books or movies and I WILL WIN. I've read the books about 50-ish times each, and have watched the movies about quadruple that. 

6. I'm a bit of an organisational freak :3 My room is probably the messiest you will ever find, but once you look past the overall clutter, you realise that my books and DVD's are in alphabetical order, as well as genre classified and ordered in series. My wardrobe is colour coordinated. Enough said.

7. Fitting into the Harry Potter obsession, I love AVPM and AVPS. The annoying thing is that most people who read this will probably have no idea what I'm going on about. Similarly, if I were to mention Pigfarts, Redvines or Rumbleroar, the same people would think that I have gone completely insane. They're probably right. Two words : Darren Criss. Nom, nom....

8. My other obsession is Glee. Which is great because Darren Criss is in this also! This is sort of my guilty pleasure. Not many people know that I like it and I pretty much fancy all the guys on it. Just realised that this makes me sound like a complete and utter geek/Gleek, who has no life and sits at their computer all day. Though that may be not far from the truth....

9. I have actual real-life friends, believe it or not! Quite a few in fact. I have four 'best friends' who I tell everything. Literally EVERYTHING. 

10. My dream is to go and live my life as Carrie Bradshaw. I can literally hear all of you clicking off of my page now, but give me a chance! I'm obsessed with New York, and seeing as I want to be a Journalist/ writer person, it sort of fits.....AND I'm obsessed with fashion. And Vogue. And Sex and The City, for that matter.

11. My lucky number is 7. I was going to put this as number 7, but I forgot, so number 11 will do. Coincidentally, number 11 is my second-est lucky number- ish. Nothing lucky has happened on the 11th or anything to do with 11, but I quite like the number :) Now I sound like a geek. "I like numbers....." Sheesh...

12. I actually do like numbers. Maths is one of my favourite subjects. Shocking, I know. To reassure you that I'm not mad, I better mention that I also love English and Art. And now you think I'm a nerd AND a geek. I'm great at making first impressions aren't I? 

13. You can't really sum me up without mentioning shopping. I will buy anything and everything along as it comes from Topshop. This has led to some fairly hilarious purchases (If you have ever seen some of the things Topshop sells, you will know what I'm talking about...). At the moment, I have a bit of an obsession with buying nail varnishes. I've stopped biting my nails after about 14 years of furious nibbling, and I'm very keen to show off the results. The only thing is I've replaced biting my nails with pulling the nail varnish off them. I don't know which is worse, but the nail varnish one is definitely more expensive! Now I'm rambling on about shopping, the very thing I promised myself I wouldn't do...

14. I love writing. It has got to the stage where I was quite looking forward to my English Exam today because there was a question on 'Writing to describe'. Sad, I know. I love writing about anything, and will usually just open a word document and make stuff up as I go along. The only problem is, I'm not very good at it. I use 'writer's block' as an excuse, but really, I'm often to lazy to come up with ideas of my own. 

15. I'm going to Paris with my friends later this year!! If anything, I'm most excited about going to Disney. I have the awful suspicion that I'm going to revert back to a five year old and end up dressing up in a tiara and running around with an autograph book looking for the characters. In fact, no, its not just a suspicion, I know that I will do this, for a fact. 

16. I am petrified of Lifts. Actually, its all claustrophobic spaces, but in particular, lifts. They scare the hell out of me! Especially those glass ones where you can see out! While mentioning Paris, last time I went, I got half way up the Eiffel Tower, queued for 2 hours before deciding that I couldn't step in the lift. I thought my mum was going to kill me. The funny thing is, I know exactly why I'm scared of lifts, and its a very amusing story. When I was little, about the age of 10, I used to watch a cartoon called 'Totally Spies". Looking back it was a pretty rubbish american kids program, but I used to love it. In one episode, these three spies get trapped in a lift and can't get out. I remember thinking while watching this, "OMG, if they can't get out, then how the hell will I if I ever get trapped?!" So thats how a kids program made me claustrophobic....

So thats 16 facts about me. It started off as 20, but then I realised that I'm not a particularly interesting person and that I was probably boring you with my extremely nerd-like qualities. To be honest, if anyone is still reading this, why? You must have less of a life than I do, and thats saying something...

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  1. 7 and 11 are my two absolutely favorite and luckiest number too!