Friday, 20 May 2011

Exams, really?

At the moment, I'm in the middle of a rather large block of exams. Joy to the world. And as you can probably guess, seeing as I'm blogging at the moment, I'm not the most studious of all people. My friends on the other hand, are probably the three most studious people you'll ever meet (if they're reading this, sorry in advance ;) ). So today, I'm going to compare the 'proper' way to revise, A.K.A my friends way, to my methods of 'revision'. By the way, if my friends are by any small chance reading this, its not based on just one of you, as it may look at first, but all three of you, who all have covered for my stupidity at some point.....

So a day of revision in my life goes something along the lines of.... - Wake up with the TV still on from last nights late Q.I. or Glee marathon . Stumble downstairs, hair all over the place, yesterdays make up smudged down my face,and collapse on the sofa.
1.p.m - Woken up by concerned neighbour tapping at the window, thinking I've passed out in a drunken fit of despair. Go to front door, still in pyjamas, hair in a worse state than it was before and spend half an hour assuring her that I haven't took up underage drinking. - After a late 'breakfast' of most probably SuperNoodles (food of gods!) or a full packet of chocolate chip cookies, resume post in the living room and settle down to some serious revision.
2.01 p.m - Realise you need notes if your going to do revision. Spend the next 10 minutes moving books from my room to downstairs, falling over pens, getting various paper cuts and deciding on a suitable 'revision playlist'.
2.11 p.m - Convince myself that I've done enough revision to deserve a break. Play on JustDance for about half an hour before collapsing on sofa with a stitch, only getting up when the nosy neighbour returns to the window.
2.45 p.m - Receive a text from concerned friend, reminding me that I need to be in school for organised revision session in half an hour. Crap. So I'd sort of forgotten about that......
2.46 p.m - Rush upstairs. Quick shower, slap on some make-up, straighten hair and somehow manage to resemble a suitably dressed human being.
3.10 p.m - Brisk walk/ pleasurable jog, to school, in mini skirt (yes, really) and in the rain.
3.15 p.m - Arrive at school right on time, slightly red faced, minus all revision notes (all still strewn across the living room) and stroll casually into english room, looking my usual nerdy self. Spend the next hour being picked on by my english teacher, but luckily friend is there to cover my stupidity.

Now, a day of revision in one of my friends lives...
6.a.m - Wakes up ahead of alarm after early night. Gets up immediately, gets ready, goes downstairs where notes are already set out. Starts work immediately.
11.a.m - Heads into school early, to meet up with other friends who are just as keen at revising.
1.a.m - Quick five minute break while changing subjects.
3.p.m - Calm working atmosphere disrupted by Amy stumbling in. Takes five minute break, then covers for Amy while she has a little nap in English lesson.

Personally, I don't see why my friends get better grades than me...

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