Sunday, 25 September 2011


A little post for 'older' readers. Up to you if you read it or not, but I'm not accepting any responsibility for scaring the minds of 12 year olds though. You have been warned...

So I didn't know that the term 'bases' was still used in relationships. The last time I'd heard of them, I think I was about 10 and hated everything to do with boys. Therefore, I thought that it was disgusting, and put it to the back of my mind. 

Today though, my boyfriend asked me if I knew what the four bases were. I had to think pretty hard before I remembered what I thought they were. Turns out they've changed quite a bit in 4 years. 

In my head, the four bases were as follows:
First Base - Kissing
Second Base - Above waist
Third Base - Below waist
Fourth Base- ...ahem...

In reality, they are actually:
First Base - Kissing
Second Base - 'Hands'
Third Base - 'Mouths'
Fourth Base - ...ahem...

This really confused me. Apparently 'above waist' has just vanished off the radar, even though that is quite a big step in my mind! It also creates quite a dilemma. What if someone asks me which base we've got to, but they still follow the 'old scale' and I use the 'new scale'? For example, the differences between the two second bases is, to be frank, disturbing!

Now in truth, the idea behind this post was to embarrass my boyfriend. So hopefully he's not going to kill me for this next time he sees me. If I don't post again within the next week, presume I'm dead...

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