Wednesday, 16 November 2011

17 Reasons...

So, todays is my boyfriends birthday. I kind of directed him here through his birthday card, so he's probably going to be reading this, everyone else can zone out now...

Well, this is kind of part of your birthday present, since you keep going on at me to blog more! ;)

17 Reasons I Love You

1. You write amazing blog posts that give me butterflies, especially the ones where you talk about us. Thats why I make such a big deal when you change the url and don't tell me.

2. You put up with having me as a girlfriend. That in itself must take a good amount of patience.

3. Your hair. Enough said, really.

4. The jokes that you tell that I pretend to find totally un-hilarious, but inside, I'm dying to burst out laughing.

5. The fact that you care more about my school grades than your own wants. That means a lot.

6. You're willing to wait. You want whats best for us, not what everyone else says.

7. Deep down you're a huge, huge nerd, but you somehow manage to cover it quite well. Apart from the fact that you're obviously cheating on me with your english teacher, that kind of gives away the game...

8. That I will always be able to kick your ass at poker.

9. How I've only known you for less that 3 months, but I feel like I've known you my whole life. I've never felt so comfortable around anyone, ever.

10. How I can tell you anything without the fear of being laughed at, or you taking it the wrong way.

11.  That I end up loving you more and more, each time I see you.

12. How you put up with the constant beard, height and other jokes that everyone seems to make. Three words: "That sounds familiar...". As you can tell, I'm really quite proud of that one.

13. Your 'sensual' voice. Not my words, your english teacher's. 

14. The annoying fact that you're right 99.8% of the time.

15. The cute notes that you make your brother and sister give me when you're off school. Yeah, they make me smile. A lot.

16. How you can cheer me up, even when I'm in the worst moods known to mankind.

17. I just love you. End of. 

So, yea, Happy Birthday! As you can tell, I so love you more! ;)


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  2. Hi there! I'm Jasmine! And this is really cute! Your boyfriend will love it!