Saturday, 5 November 2011


So a few weeks ago, I wrote a post, in which I mention my boyfriends blog. A few days later he asked me to delete it so that people wouldn't be able to find his blog. Now, seeing as I'm the more experienced blogger in the relationship, he's asked me to advertise it again. Make up your mind?! So anyway, you can find his blog here. He's a better writer than me, so theres new posts up every couple of days. Its weird, you'll notice a kind of parallel between our blogs; I apparently talk a lot about boys (apparently) and he talks a lot about girls.

So I'm going round to his tomorrow for sunday lunch, and well, I'm kind of nervous. I've mentioned that I'm weird about eating, so thats not going to help, and to be honest, I'm ridiculously shy anyway. I have an awful feeling that I'm going to mess up and his parents are going to end up hating me or something. Anyway, wish me luck?

I know its been a short post today, but my family is doing a stupid Come Dine With Me type thing, so I'm being called downstairs. Kill. Me. Now. So yeah, byeee....


  1. I looked at your boyfriend's blog when you advertised it before and he IS a good writer (but, then again, so are you)! He writes about you in the sweetest way and he seems like a really great guy who is very deserving of you. :)

    I thought I should add that I commented on your A levels post asking you to put up your dailybooth link. That was so I could see what Bassanio's Juliet looked like - so not too stalkerish I hope!

    Anyway, good luck for lunch at your bf's! I'm sure everything will run smoothly. :)

  2. Sorry! I meant to post my dailybooth up ages ago, but forgot! Forgive me? :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment :)

  3. Hey Amy, can I just say that you're gorgeous? :) (It was definitely worth the wait to see your dailybooth!) Oh, and that picture of you and your boyfriend is gorgeous!

    Anyway, I hate to sound like such a stalker so I'm going to tell you that I'm a 16 year old girl who also likes Harry Potter - not some creepy old man who wanted to see your pictures. :P