Monday, 17 October 2011

A Levels...

So I haven't posted in almost a month! Shun! I'm sorry, I really am. Blame my teachers, they HATE me. Also, part of the blame can be given to my boyfriend. Yes, blame him. He's an easy target, you see? 

So, not a lot has changed since my last post. My boyfriend found my blog again, so I changed it back. I prefer the two 'y's' for some reason. What do you think, one 'y' or two? 

I have committed blasphemy and started a dailybooth. I know, right? So if anyone wants to see what I actually look like, comment, and I'll put my link on here. I don't see the point in putting it up if no one is specifically going to read it, it would just leave me open to people from school finding this blog, which to be honest, would equal hell. 

So, boy talk. I've been with him for nearly two months now, and everything is going great. Impressive, right? Me in a genuinely functioning relationship, with I boy who I love to the moon and back. Counting my lucky stars here...

A Levels are tough. You know how we all thought that they were exaggerating when they said that it was like a slap in the face compared to GCSE? They weren't. They're more of a series of continuous punches actually. A word of advice: pick subjects you're good at, and that you actually like, or you'll find yourself in living hell, like me. I took Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology. It is hell on earth. I wish I'd done English Lit and Lang and Art. I miss them. I miss being able to drivel on about books and write and actually get marks for it! I miss being able to read and say that its for school! I miss being able to challenge my teachers, and put my opinions out in a lesson. I miss reading into the early hours of the morning, because I've found a book that I love more than life itself. I miss writing. A lot. And because the subjects that I actually took are ridiculously high demanding, I never get the chance to in my own free time either. I'm sick of failing lessons at school. Before sixth form, I'd never failed a test. Ever. Sure I'd got some pretty bad marks, but I'd never sunk so low as to fail. Within two weeks of returning to school, I'd failed six tests. I only take four subjects. How is that even possible!? Now, I'm at the bottom of every class, and its killing me! I hate it! Literally, everyone in my lessons are smarter than me. Its actually depressing. I feel another January coming on... Eurgh, I can't be dealing with that again. 

Thats it from me. Its 11.30 p.m. on a school night, I'm still up doing homework, and to be honest, I'm sick of my life. Byeeeeeeeee.....

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  1. Put down the dailybooth link! :)