Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hello, again!

So I haven't been blogging for a while, due to the ridiculous amount of exams I've had (five exams in one week), which to be frank, should be illegal. Now, I could write an entire piece of writing on my exams, but frankly, I think that you would all get bored of me analysing how I calculated the profit increase for 'Lathoms Dairy' (business studies is such fun!) or how I analysed 100000 poems about their views of love (I managed to scribble down five pages on this in my english exam...). And besides, I've already done one post on exams, if I start reposting the same things, you'll all get bored won't you? So heres a fairly short post, as I'm meant to be revising. Heres 5 things that are on my mind right now....

1.My Birthday
So a couple of days ago it was my birthday (*breaks into a chorus of 'Happy Birthday to me'*). And, I must admit, I'm slightly disappointed that I didn't experience the feeling of "Ahh, its my birthday..." because, you see, I was in a maths exam on my birthday. So for half of my birthday, I was panicking over trigonometry, algebra and my skirt not being out the wash in time (my school has stupid uniform rules, and won't let you into exams with out 'correct' uniform). So, aside from the maths fiasco, my birthday was rather good! My friends excelled themselves as far as presents were concerned...A lovely Harry Potter poster (already up in my room), salt spray, perfume, a book about GLEE which was apparently a joke, but I'm actually reading, a tiara, two drawings of Darren Criss, a birthday card with photos of us on from now and when we were little (No one will see this ever!) and a homemade birthday card with all my favourite AVPM/AVPS/GLEE/ Charlieissocoollike/Alex Day quotes and pictures. Yet again, thanks soooo much to all of you!  

Now, where do I start with these? Since my last post focusing on the male species, a lot has changed concerning them. For a start, I have come to my senses and realised that the guy that I did like was a dick, and is a massive flirt/ player. So in a year, I've gone from liking one guy ('Guy number 1', as my friends originally code-named him) before moving on to the major flirt ('Guy number 2', as my friends originally code-named him) before casually moving back to 'Guy number 1'. Yes, thats right, I like 'Guy number 1' again. Now, I've been wondering for the past few days why, when I told my friends this, they all cheered and were happy. Apparently they've all seen what a dick 'Guy number 2' is and are happy that I've moved on. Apparently I was blind. Or deluded. So anyway, 'Guy number 1' is who I like now, so I can stop confusing everyone! (You have no idea how many times I had to proof read this paragraph to make sure I had the numbers the right way around! Don't even get my started on 'Guy number 3' (All of my friends will be sniggering now.)).

3.Charlieissocoollike and Nerimon
My new obsession, which apparently everyone has known about for years and years. Basically, Charlie McDonnell is a Vlogger with a huge amount of subscribers on YouTube. Similarly, Nerimon, more commonly known as Alex Day, is also a Vlogger with a huge amounts of subscribers. They're both hilarious, and, yeah, you should watch them...They sing Doctor Who songs together, isn't that enough?!.. By the way, Charlie is seriously cute....

4.Bitchy girls
So a bit of a mini rant going on here. As you probably know, for your birthday, most people on Facebook write happy birthday on your wall. Now, being fairly 'geeky' and not being exactly in with the 'popular' crowd at school, I don't expect many of these. BUT why, do the so-called-popular-girls then have to take the absolute piss and write things like, "HApPy Birffdayyy Sexy ;)"? I mean sure, we don't talk at school but then again, as far as I know, I've done nothing to upset you in anyway. Am I the only one who thinks that thats totally harsh, especially on someones birthday? Answers in comment box, please. I mean, even people who I don't particularly get along with, I still write something along the lines of, "Happy Birthday! Hope you have a nice day! :)" So anyway, thats my self confidence knocked down a notch on my birthday and mini rant over. 

5.Failing Exams
I know I said that I wouldn't mention exams, but they're basically ruling my life now! I've had 9 exams so far, and have two left. Last week was the worst! I had four exams over two days, and they weren't even subjects I like! History, Business, Maths and Science. After two days, I felt like I could literally sleep for a week! But, still, only two left, then I can go back to being nocturnal....


  1. I totally get what you mean about the birthday comments - that's quite mean. But, if it happens again, don't pay any attention to it! It's only facebook, after all. Concentrate on the fun times you had with friends instead! :)

  2. Haha, thanks :) I think I was in a bit of a bad mood when I wrote this, usually I just ignore them :) Thanks for your comment on the other post too, by the way! :)