Thursday, 16 June 2011

Daytime tv Eurghhh......

So, the plan was, for my next post to say and show you (through the magic of photos) what I was making for one of my friends birthdays (Her birthday is the day 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2' comes out in cinemas. HOW COOL IS THAT?!). The trouble is yesterday, said friend started following my blog. So now I can't very well go and show you what I'm in the process of making her. Lets just say, I'm quite proud of it...

So now I'm faced with the dilemma of what do I talk to you lovely, lovely people about. Any ideas? Nope? Well then you won't mind if I mindlessly ramble on about anything will you? Good. So discussion topic of the day is..... Daytime TV - How utterly crap it is. (I told you to think of a topic....) 

At the moment, I'm on something called 'Study Leave', which is basically when the teachers either get sick of you or start getting scared of you. I should probably point out that everyone in my year is on study leave, not just me (I don't want to sound like some young,trouble-causing hooligan, who tries to deliberately ruin everyones education and/or life). So basically, I've had the past month or so off to 'study', and only gone into school for exams. 

So being the lovely, hard-working, A-grade (don't make me laugh) student that I am, what do I do? Sit down every morning at 6, and copy out my revision books word for word? No. I stumble out of bed at midday and watch TV until one or two in the morning. Now, I don't know how many of you watch daytime TV, but I think that everyone you ask will agree that it is atrocious. 

Take today for example, I turned the TV on at 10 (early morning for me!) and watched Jeremy Kyle for an hour and a half. If anyone here doesn't live in the UK, then you've probably never heard of or seen an episode of Jeremy Kyle. The closest American version I can think of is The Jerry Springer Show. Now Jeremy Kyle is ok for say half an hour, but after that the ridiculous story lines ("I changed my sex so my lesbian wife who was actually a man would love me." No joke.) become slightly tedious. 

So that took me up to 11.30. After checking the trusty TV Guide, I realised absolutely zilch was on. Well, nothing worth watching. So ended up channel flicking for 25 minutes before stumbling across Total Wipeout USA, which was pointless because by the time I'd found it, the credits were on. So its now 12, and I've seen nothing worthwhile on TV. But then, I find 'something'....Teen Cribs.

To those who have never seen 'Teen Cribs', I'll give you a quick run down on what its about. Basically it's billionaire's kids showing a MTV camera person around their mansions. Its unintentionally hilarious. Today, we were welcomed into a house that had a basketball court, rock climbing wall and golf course in a basement, half the house dedicated to the kids (about 20 rooms - all Harry Potter themed, good on them.) and an outdoor swimming pool with a little cave with a sofa and plasma screen TV and two slides.

Now, lucky for me, there were two episodes of this on, which filled in an hour. So its now 1 in the afternoon and I've spent my day sorting out one family's problems and basically 'spying' on another. Alas, though, the run of 'reasonable' shows on normal TV has run out, so I am now forced to flick to the other genre's of TV. First port of call, Movies. Out of the ten movie channels on my TV, not one of them shows the type of films I like (though I must add, in the first week of Study Leave I discovered the Disney Cine channel, which has been my saviour for the past month).  So with nothing at all on TV, I am forced to move from my comfy spot on the sofa and go and retrieve a DVD of some sort. 

So here I am, sat on my sofa, writing a blog post while Harry Potter plays in the background. Again. I know all seven of the Harry Potters word for word now. And if I ever get sick of Harry Potter (which will never happen...) then YouTube will take over and A Very Potter Musical/Sequel, Charlie McDonnell or Alex Day will be next on my list of things to watch.

So that is my mini rant over Daytime TV, which has been boring me for the last month. I think I'll go mad if I have to watch another episode of 'Jeremy Kyle' or 'Teen Mom' or 'Teen Cribs'...

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