Sunday, 26 June 2011

A confession...

I have a slight confession today. You see, I've cheated. Yes, cheated. Its my fault, not yours, and I hope that we can work it out and go back to how it was. You see, I've cheated on you. Yes, you. I've cheated on Blogging with journalling. I'm sure we can make this all work out.

Thats where I've been all this time. I haven't been revising for exams like I told you, I've been journalling. I know we were relying on these exams for my future job prospects, and I'm sorry that I lied to you.  But, it was so easy for me to cheat. Sometimes, you're just unbearable! You've changed since last month. I'm no longer getting the 30+ views a day, or a steady steam of followers, which I feel our relationship was relying on. You hardly talk to me anymore, and to be honest, I just don't think you're interested.

If you want to know, its just a one off, just this summer. I paid £7.00 for a journal that I can pour my heart into, with no fear of being laughed at, or rejected. She's very pretty, not as pretty as you, of course, but none the less, very pretty. She has a butterfly cover, which is of course no match for your blue birds. She lets me use proper names, none of this 'GN2' or 'Friend no. 1' business, and no one else needs to read it. She has her faults too though. She makes me write EVERY day. Can you imagine that? Thats why I'm always tired and have run out of ideas when I come back to you. 

I hope we can work through this. I'm not leaving you, just you're going to have to share me and my writing with Journal. I'll try and write more often. I still love you, but you could show some interest in me, commenting, telling friends to follow (hint, hint) - it all helps!


  1. Hi, I'm Hope. I found out about your blog through Google Help, and I really like it so... yeah. Happy I stopped by!


  2. I, myself, have been journaling most of my life. I observe all around me and put it to paper. However, now I am putting my thoughts onto a blog instead. I must say, this is a very delightful group to be amoungst and believe you should stay with us.

    Perhaps my journal entries will inspire you to return to this forum? I will follow your writings promising always to be with you. But do not judge your popularity by those that visit. Know it comes from who you are.

  3. Hey i am a teenager blogger too!
    Chech my blog out?


  4. I must say i loved the way you basically told the readers you're no longer writing as much. Very creative indeed:P
    I found your blog only today however and would be very smiley if you could check mine out? (it's only 2 days old).
    :) keep writing I love your style.

  5. Hi, I'd just like to say that I'm now following your blog! I think it's amazing and I can relate to a lot of things you say - so don't stop! :)