Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Facebook: To flirt, or not to flirt?

THAT is the question.

Hello! So i haven't posted in a while (tut, tut), so I though I'd just do a quick one now. So here is the wonders of what maybe be, or may not be, Facebook flirting....

So, as most of you know, I used to like two guys. Since my last post, it increased to three, then dwindled down to just the one guy (GN2, if anyone wants to know!). Now, my problem has been that, being in Year 11 at school (Grade 10 or 'Sophomores' if you're in America), we left way early for study leave. So I haven't seen him in over two months (if you don't count exams). I was absolutely gutted when we had to say goodbye. 

BUT, a few weeks ago, something amazing, something truly amazing happened. I started talking to him on Facebook. I think I deserve a round of applause for that. Especially considering that I started the convosation. 

Without giving too much information away (I'm fairly conscious of the fact that if anyone from my school read this, I would be well and truly screwed), he was on holiday when I started talking to him. Somewhere that has a significant time difference to England. This faced me with a problem, I had to guess when he was most likely to come online. So, for the past month (who goes on holiday for a month?!) I've been calculating time differences, then staying up until two in the morning and waking up at seven, just to see if he messages me. Obviously, I'm not obsessed...

Now, many of you will probably be thinking at this point, 'Why is this mad girl depriving herself of sleep in the name of a boy who almost certainly doesn't like her, and won't come online during his holiday?' Ahah! Well, my rather lovely viewers/readers, I shall tell you why....

He 'pokes' me on Facebook. I thought that I should add the 'on Facebook' there, that would have been very awkward if anyone had misunderstood. Apparently, theres a lot of debate over what a 'poke' means. (This all sounds so wrong!) Some say that its just a friendship thing, others say its a new way to say 'Hey!', and others think that its a form of casual flirting. With quite a bit of wishful thinking, and knowing that I'm probably wrong, I hope that its a sign of flirting. 

One morning I woke up and had five, yes, five missed messages from him. Now, forgive me if I'm wrong, but even if by the slimmest chance I'd fell asleep with Facebook still logged on, don't you get automatically logged of or something after a certain amount of time? As you can imagine, I was in a really good mood for the rest of the day!

Now, the downfall of Facebook. The photos. Since he went on holiday, lots and lots of pictures have been popping up of him with both 'Mysterious Brunette' and 'Mysterious Blonde'. He particularly seems to like MysteriousBrunette. I now have ultimate hatred being channeled towards two girls that I've never met before in my life, thanks to Facebook. I'm obviously not obsessed...

So, that is how Facebook has both impressed and depressed me over the last four weeks. Thankfully, he's back home now, so I don't need to deprive myself of sleep! 

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