Tuesday, 27 March 2012

10 Reasons why I'm sick of boys...

Title says it all, really...

1. Guy Number 2 has decided to barge his way back into my life. What started off as a "Hey, how you doing? We haven't spoke in ages! x ", swiftly turned into "Look, I just wanted to say that I really miss you x ". Baring in mind the last time we talked was when he rejected me, its slightly awkward. He's joined the army, which confuses me, because I found myself getting quite distressed by this. It would kill me if something happened to him. 

2. The group of chavs walking behind me on my way home from school, asking to feel my 'tits'. I had to seriously fight the urge to roundhouse kick them in the face.

3. Guy Number 1 having the same free periods as me at sixth form. Imagine my surprise when half way through one of my frees last week, he comes and sits right beside me, looks straight into my eyes and says "Hi Amy" in a very sexy voice. I've always had a weakness for his eyes, so finding myself staring into them after half a year of zero contact, basically rendered me speechless. Goodbye 'study' periods...

4. Guys who stare at my ass as I walk through the common room, yet would laugh if I ever dared ask them out, just because they're 'popular'. Thats right, I see you stare. Its made worse by the fact that most of them have girlfriends.

5. The fact that one of the guys who I have a crush on is way out of my league. 

6. The fact that one of the guys that I have a crush on is apparently WITHIN my league, yet I'm still too scared to make a move.

7. The fact that even though I say that I'm sick of boys, really all I want is a relationship, because after nearly two months of being single, I'm really lonely. I miss having a boy tell me that I'm beautiful and that they love me. 

8. The fact that love means different things boys than it does to girls.

9. Before I got involved with boys, I was quite happy being single, now, it the most depressing thing in the world.

10. The fact that boys seem to be way worse than girls at rubbing their happiness in your face. It feels like I get punched in the face everytime I talk to some people. 

My friends and I have a little joke about what we're going to do to boys who hurt us, and only recently has it started being brought up again. So to any of my friends who might be reading this, and know what I'm on about, I think its time to get the rusty spoons out.... *insert evil laugh*....

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