Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Well, bloggers, its that time of the year again. One word: EXAMS. I have five coming up in January and I plan to fail all of them. Its quite comical really, I went from getting A*'s at GCSE, to getting U's on every single test I've ever sat at A Level. Wait. No, I told a lie, I once got an E on my psychology mock...

So, in the interest of pushing my grades up, this is the last post I'm going to do on here until after my last exam (the 20th of January, if anyones wondering). If you're that desperate to keep up to date with my ramblings, I just started a tumblr (how much of a hipster am I?). You can find that here. Basically, its easier and quicker to post a couple of pictures than write a whole essay for you to read. Its only until the end of January though, I promise. Then I'll get back to my usual rambling, ranting, boring old self. 

Also, since I'm not going to be posting for a while, I'm going to be nice for a change. A few people have asked me to put my dailybooth back up because they didn't get to see it the first time round. So, until the end of January, when I shall return, you can see what I look like here. 

So, yea, until after my exams, bye....

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  1. I think your blog is fab. By the way ... LOVE the backscreen, its amazing. I hope the exams go well. xxx